When Jeff Paffrath joined the family jewelry business in 2003, he did so with a sense of tradition and a desire to carry on Paffrath & Son Jewelers as it has since 1926. A business administration graduate of Moorhead State University, he represents the fourth generation providing Willmar and all West Central Minnesota with exceptional jewelry sold by people who truly care. As our in-house goldsmith and jeweler, his role on the team has brought an entirely new level of service to the store thanks to his natural talent and extensive experience in creating the most incredible custom jewelry for any occasion. Some of his favorite parts of being a jeweler are bringing new life into old pieces, and he is passionate about “building jewelry” that is loved for generations. However, there is much more to Jeff than just exceptional jewelry.

For Jeff, there is much more to creating, repairing, and refurbishing jewelry than just obtaining the final product. He understands the emotion and love that fine jewelry holds for the wearer. Furthermore, Jeff knows that every piece is an important representation of the person’s life. When he comes to work every day, he comes with the intention of making every customer feel comfortable, listened to, and possessing a sense of trust. Ideally, he hopes that every customer knows that he is there for them and will be throughout the life of their jewelry.

Jeff works directly with the customers and helps them to design the ideal jewelry, from rings and pendants to bracelets and earrings, that will stand the test of time. He does this having a vast level of knowledge and technical skill but has always been a creative and artistic person who relishes the opportunity to express it with every piece. Working with jewelry requires extensive attention to detail on a micro scale, but it also surprises some that he enjoys building bigger things too, as he enjoys building houses and other construction projects in his spare time for enjoyment.

First and foremost, Jeff is a family man and spends as much time as possible with his kids in all their various activities. Jeff looks to his dad, Todd Paffrath as a person to admire and strive to be like. As Jeff says, “he is one of the best dads, grandpas, or friends you’ll ever have.” Two of the accomplishments he is most proud of include graduating college, as well as raising his family. He coaches basketball, loves baseball, and is an avid hunter. In fact, his happy place is a cornfield in South Dakota hunting mallards. Those who know him consider him hard-working, caring, serious, funny, and someone that can be counted on in times of need. He cares deeply about environmental impacts on both land and wildlife, not surprisingly given his love of nature and the outdoors.

Going forward, Jeff’s intention is to stay right where he is, to maintain the warm and comforting atmosphere, and ensuring each customer both trusts Paffrath & Son Jewelers and feels genuinely cared for. He stands by the motto that “you always miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take” and looks forward to a bright future to carry the business into the next 90+ years.

Paffrath & Son Jewelers is your local, family-owned, and experienced jeweler who you can count on for anything you may need. It is our pleasure to serve our clients in a manner that provides an exceptional experience to everyone we serve. We warmly invite you to visit us and speak with Jeff about creating something that is truly special and will be loved for a lifetime.