Paffrath and Son Jewelers
has our own in-house expert Goldsmith, Jeff Paffrath.

Under his skilled assistance, and creative mind, he loves partnering with the client, and creating the custom jewelry design you’ve been dreaming of. Whether you seek a modern setting for a family heirloom, a fun and stylish piece to wear to dinner, or a breathtaking engagement ring, we cater to each customer ensuring your piece will be cherished.

Custom Engagement Rings that are Uniquely You

Your love for each other is timeless. Custom Engagement Rings by Paffrath and Son Jewelers are a phenomenal way to celebrate that love. Give her an engagement ring that is truly unique, that fits her personal style, and that is one-of-a-kind, just as she is. Celebrate your love by designing a custom engagement ring, a symbol of the love you share, that portrays the uniqueness of you.

More Than Just a Ring

Custom Wedding Bands are far more than just a ring. They are the very symbol of the vows you will make on the day of your wedding. What better way to seal those vows, than with his and hers matching bands that represent the two individuals becoming one. Or, with distinctive bands that match each of your personal tastes. Our Expert Goldsmith Jeff can ensure that whatever custom wedding bands you desire, we are honored to provide them to you. Custom wedding bands are also a beautiful option for other milestones together such as an anniversary or another special occasion.

Celebrate With Gemstones

Working closely with you, our Expert Goldsmith, Jeff will assist you in creating your own masterpiece. Perhaps, you have just reached a great milestone or personal achievement. Reward yourself or one you love with unique pendants, earrings, right-hand rings, or bracelets. Gemstones are a terrific option to celebrate. A custom jewelry design is a phenomenal option for birthdays or anniversaries as well. Use birthstones to commemorate your family, or gemstones to compliment anyone’s style. Whatever you are dreaming of, we would be honored to help you make that dream piece a reality.

It’s been passed down for generations

What better way to honor those you love than by rejuvenating those valued heirlooms to continue the tradition for generations to come. Heirloom jewelry symbolizes your family’s history and bridges their story with your own. The years may not have been kind to a piece, or perhaps they require a style upgrade. Whatever you envision for your cherished heirloom jewelry, our team is dedicated to making it a reality. Honor the memory of those passed, using the diamonds, gemstones, and even metal from their original pieces. Wear your customized heirloom jewelry with pride and keep your family memories alive.