We walked in together to pick out our rings and were greeted by a very friendly and helpful LuAnn. She was amazing. If I didn’t ‘love’ it, she wouldn’t let me keep it on for more than a few seconds. We tried all different styles of engagement bands, we looked at books, and she kept everything respectfully within our price range. Once I found the perfect ring. She showed us the diamonds. They were top of the line. We could not have asked for a more beautiful ring anywhere! My husband also found his ring quickly and easily with their help. It was a great experience. Also, being a current customer of theirs, and knowing their families and business for years gave us a great discount and amazing service. I got my wedding band and rind sautered together in 2 hours at no cost. They remember us when we walk in and remember even our wedding date! You can’t ask for better customer service.