A company is only as good as the people who work for it. Fortunately for Paffrath and Son Jewelers in Willmar, MN, the people there are as good as it gets. In today’s world, longevity in a position or with the same company is becoming less and less normal. At Paffrath, our staff, several of whom have been with us for decades, ensures a continuity of service, and a level of expertise that is second to none. This is not a new phenomenon, ever since the first generation ran the company, our employees have not only been tops, but they have been dedicated to serving the community through our business, and their lengths of service are reflective of that.

Todd is reminded of a former employee who retired from the company after 45 years. Jerri Johnson was a woman hired by Todd’s grandfather. She stayed around long enough to work for him, his father, and even himself. Even now, our Jackie Brown who is invaluable to the company has served Todd’s father, Todd, and now Todd’s son Jeff. She too has worked for the store for over 40 years. There is no doubt that working for Paffrath is something that fulfills people. We are so grateful for the business we have built, and the people who helped us build it. Todd can trust his staff to handle anything that comes through the door, and he knows they will do it with the utmost in customer service and care.

Todd himself has been operating the company since 1981, but he is proud of his son Jeff, the in-house jeweler and goldsmith, who joined the firm in 2003 after graduating from Moorhead State University. Todd shares that a man had come into the store and told him that Jeff had gone above and beyond to serve the client, and had done a fantastic job. The man complimented Todd for teaching him well to which Todd replied, “He’s a natural.” In fact, before Jeff joined the team, there was no in-house jeweler, which has become one of the most important aspects of doing business with Paffrath. Jeff also has an eye for and attention to detail that is impressive. Even when Todd believes a particular piece is complete, Jeff does not always agree. As a perfectionist, a piece does not leave Jeff’s bench that isn’t totally right. Todd has a lot to be proud of.

“They don’t want to leave, and that’s a good thing. I don’t want them to leave,” Todd explains. However, he realizes that people wanting to stay has far more to do with the customer than his leadership. The team is truly dedicated to providing the best service. They are rewarded by and find satisfaction in customers who return time and time again, generations of people coming back, and being part of those incredible moments throughout a person’s life. It is more than just a job or a paycheck, it is about being a part of something special, something almost 100 years old, and something that makes a difference in the lives of each client.

Since 1926, Paffrath and Son Jewelers have been a staple serving Willmar and the surrounding area. Their team possesses extensive experience and is sure to help you find that perfect piece for you or your loved one. Our on-site jeweler can provide repairs and custom-designed jewelry without having to send your precious jewelry out of the store. You can rest easy knowing that the person working on your ring is available to you whenever you need. Our clients are treated like family, just as they have been for over nine decades. We invite you to visit our store and see for yourself the difference that has allowed us to serve you, and we will continue to serve the next generations, just as we have served the last ones. Contact us today, we look forward to serving you.

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